3 Most Common Symptoms of Undiagnosed Diabetes

Do you feel like you're constantly tired, even after a good night's sleep and proper nutrition? Are you urinating more than usual, even at night when you don't consume water? Do you have dry skin and itchy skin? If so, these could be signs of undiagnosed diabetes. Diabetes is a common condition that affects millions of Americans. In fact, about 10 percent of the population has diabetes, including 7.3 million who are undiagnosed. Type 2 diabetes accounts for 90 to 95 percent of all diabetes cases.

The most common early signs of type 2 diabetes are frequent urination, extreme thirst, and persistent hunger. However, there are other symptoms that can alert you to this disease. These include feeling very hungry even though you are eating, extreme fatigue, dry skin and itchy skin, and drinking more than 4 liters (about a gallon) of water a day without quenching your thirst. If you have any or all of these symptoms of diabetes, it's critical that you call your primary care doctor right away.

A diagnosis can be life-changing, but type 2 diabetes is very manageable if detected early. Understanding the possible symptoms of diabetes can lead to early diagnosis and treatment, which can help you prevent diabetes complications and improve lifelong health. If you have any frightening symptoms, such as sudden numbness, weakness, or chest pain, call your doctor right away.